Orlando Radio Host Bucket Head Boasts About Shooting Shark With Pistol

Orlando radio show host Bucket Head opened his midday show on WTKS 104.1 Thursday morning with a story about shooting a shark with a pistol while fishing offshore of Central Florida over the… Continue reading

NOAA Has Sense of Humor!

Apparently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is no stuffy government agency! In forecasting the track of Tropical Storm Kirk in the Atlantic this week, NOAA injected a little humor in their opening… Continue reading

The Northwoods Experience: Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts discussing my first three experiences in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, all of which have occurred in the last twelve months. Between the Canadian border… Continue reading

FISHING REPORT: School’s in session!

It’s school bus and football season once again, and even the jacks, ladyfish, redfish and needlefish are going back to school this week! Schools of these voracious feeders can be found up and… Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Snook Season Opens in Atlantic

FWC has announced that Florida anglers will be able to harvest snook caught in Atlantic coastal and inland waters, including Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River, beginning September 1, 2012. Snook season remains… Continue reading

Catch ’em up in the dog days!

The days of summer are winding down here in Palm Coast and St. Augustine as kids head back to class and summertime festivals come to an end, but the fishing has stayed steady… Continue reading

Ever been on a snipe hunt?

“Here Snipe, Snipe, Snipe!” Perhaps you’ve repeated this phrase somewhere deep in the woods with a pillow case and a whiffle ball bat in hand. Countless kids go on a snipe hunt each… Continue reading

FISHING REPORT: High Tide, Cool Waters

This week we’re seeing a nice reprieve from the heat with some nice flood tides throughout the northeast portion of Florida.The combination of deeper waters on the high tides and afternoon thunder showers… Continue reading

Shrimp Regs Refresh

Summer is upon us and if the shrimp haven’t run in your area, they probably will soon. Daytona Beach shrimpers are reporting record numbers of the tasty little crustaceans in the ICW this… Continue reading

FISHING REPORT: Look out for flying tarpon!

It sure feels nice to have a normal summer again here in Northeast Florida. Afternoon thunderstorms to cool things off, water levels getting back to normal, and a strong run of tarpon along… Continue reading